‘Nothing but Trouble’ (1991) Film Review/Summary

Hello peeps! This is my first movie review but I am planning to do a new one every week. I mean, not a just a movie review, but some type of review. It might be a movie, TV show, album, book, or some other cultural event! Let me know if you have any requests and I will consider reviewing it.

Well, by now you are probably wondering, Jules, what movie did you review?!

Well, friend, the answer to that is the infamous Nothing but Trouble. This movie is goofy as hell bottom line. Even the fact that the late great John Candy had two roles in the movie couldn’t hide the idiocy of the plot and story. 
Movie poster:


Chris Thorne (Chevy chase) starts off strong with some savvy financial advice for the driver of his taxi and offers him a “complement”. In the building a Sexy hispanic woman, Renalda (Bertila Damas), wants to save the Elevator for Chris. A Creepy man, Fausto (Taylor negron) …. (yes, you guessed it, from Fast times at Ridgemont high fame) comments, “ah she says that to all guys….”? Um okay Fausto,  you wild and crazy thang! Needless to say, Chris denies Renalda’s advance.

Chris then meets Diane lightston (Demi Moore) while waiting for the next elevator. After a little wait, the elevator arrives. On the elevator Diane tells Chris she’s missing out on a huge business deal in Atlantic City. She then bizarrely starts crying. Diane then goes down to party and sees chris again. They talk again and hit it off. Eventually they Get drinks together. Chris offers to drive diane to her business meeting in Atlantic city. Fausto and renalda are then formally introduced to diane as the “Brazilianaires” – brother and sister – chris gives financial advice to. After Chris announces their imminent trip to Atlantic city, Fausto and Renalda insist they come too. Chris and Diane reluctantly agree.

The group finally departs the next day at noon, as planned. They meet up in the parking garage in the same clothes they were wearing the night before at the party. I think this is haggard as hell! As a matter of fact they wear the same clothes the whole movie…ewwies! (Except for Demi more – in her case, YUMMM!!). Also, Renalda hits on chris before they leave, hee hee!

A hungover picture of chris wearing the same grimy clothes:


Finally, they are off on their journey of epic proportions. On the trip, Diane gets personal asking chris about his divorce, and if he’s over his ex lover. Eventually the group stumbles upon a weird city named valkenvania. Chris makes a strong entrance in the backwards town, shouting financial advice to local townies. He receives a cold response to this gesture.

Now for the moment you have been waiting for, Dennis Valkenheiser (John candy), makes his first appearance in the movie. Dennis is a cop in valkenvania and is sitting in his squad car as he sees chris roll through a stop sign. Although this is, in my opinion, a minor crime, Dennis begins his pursuit. The pursuit contains one of what I think is the funniest scenes in the movie. This scene has Fausto convince chris to drive 90 to escape Dennis. Fausto finally persuades chris by scolding him and saying to act like he has a bmw. Good job Fausto! Unfortunately,  Dennis puts it in turbo and easily keeps pace.

This chase scene is epic to say the least. They Almost get run over by a semi! And chris uses racial slurs against fausto, mocking his south American accent. Wow times have changed, jim!

The Brazilianaires in action:


After a long chase that had me on the edge of my seat for sure, dennis finally gets chris to pull over. Dennis is visibly mad and explains to chris that high speeds are not advised around here. After some smart alecky comments from Chris to dennis, Dennis says that they will have to follow him to the court house to stand trial immediately. They are virtually silent on the way to court following dennis. Although diane does tell chris to let her do all the talking since she’s a good talkman. She thinks she will be able to get them out of court quick since she is also a lawmen and they will still be able to make it to Atlantic City. Pretty woman, but silly woman indeed. Furthermore, two of my favorite quotes occur in this very scene, first:
“Theres a Lotta toasters on the side of the road” – chris
“There’s a funky karma here, Mon” – fausto

After a very odd ride through town, they finally arrive at court. Here chris asks dennis if he can make a phone call. Chris is horrified to hear valkenvania does not own a telephone. Dennis then summons his father, Alvin Valkenheiser (Dan Aykroyd), who is the “town reeve” not sure what that means exactly but it must be some type of judge. the Trial starts immediately. on a side note, Alvin is a very odd looking old man. The Brazilianaires announce they have diplomatic immunity, but Alvin informs them it does not apply.

The rascals face their fate:


In simultaneous unwise moves, Chris disrespects Alvin’s court; first by lighting up a cigar then swearing. This earns Alvin’s wrath and he activates the trap door and the group falls down it. Ahhhh! Also, Chris reveals to Alvin that he is a financial reporter; little does he know, Alvin hates everyone in that industry. Goes back to the 30s coal dispute. This coal tragedy ruined valkenvania.

I personally Love one of the next scenes of the movie. This is the scene where dennis pulls over a group of young adults drinking while driving. The funniest thing that happens is dennis says “Afraid you’ll have to to blow” and the group of young adults dog him! Classic moment in cinema history, folks!

Call me crazy but I can see this as an early Rob zombie film crossed with the hangover. It definitely must have had a profound influence on these later films.

Next, my personal favorite character in Nothing but Trouble (as well as one of my favorite characters from a 90s movie, i should have dressed as this for Halloween – next year, jules, note to self!), Eldona (candy) makes her first appearance of the movie. She interrupts the wacky, hot-dog-laden dinner Alvin is sharing with chris and his group and says her and chris would make perfect couple! Chris is like ew gross.

Alvin, Eldona, and chris, respectively:


I must say candy looks dazzling!

This putrid dinner includes an exotically gross main course of large, grey, hot dogs. Although, the dinner table struck me as ahead of the time for the family. It had a nifty Choo-choo train with hot dog toppings and everyone could help themselves to toppings for their dog. This was cool to me.

Alvin eating a grey long dog:


During dinner, Fausto has a nervous breakdown. Him and renalda escape through the window and evade being shot at. The Brazilianaires approach a gross, polluted river. They don’t know how else to cross it and decide the best way is to swim even though they will get all dirty. After crossing the river, dennis helps the Brazilianaires escape being captured by the dogs. This is the most treacherous scene in the movie, in my opinion!

Next is the greatest love scene of the movie. It begins with chris and Diane smooching in their bed. What kind of jail is this people?! It sounds rather luxurious to me! Like a real country club. This scene contains a good quote also: “you are nothing but trouble” – diane to chris after making out with him. I believe it is this exact quote that the title comes from. Well, long story short, Chris and Diane have rough sex and wake up in the same bed (in the same clothes, by the way). A series of unfortunate events follow concluding with chris and diane finding themselves in the attic and getting some wild news!

The Sexiest scene of the whole movie occurs in the attic, this is diane smoking a cigar. American woman indeed! The pair the fall Down another random shoot; this scene has a good cleavage shot of diane so it qualifies as another Sexy scene.

The Best scene of the movie is where alvin passes gas in bed while chris and Diane watch from the wall. you knew everyone had to have gas after those weird dogs. And also diane and chris just met so experiencing an old guy’s fart must have been akward for them since they just met. Diane in particular looked like she had to fart!

My favorite characters in the movie are the troll black smiths that spot diane. They are fast little buggers for how fat they are!

The trolls talking to diane:


The most bizarre scene of the movie is where dennis packs to leave with the Brazilianaires and one of the main possessions he owns is a military picture of himself. He stares at this picture for a little while. This scene is just weird. Is there a deeper meaning to it?
Yes kids, you too can have an authentic autographed dennis picture, too:


Also of note is the appearance of digital underground, including tupac. They perform a song for Alvin and he let’s the band off the hook.
Tupac chilling like John cusack:


Another one for the legend, rip pac!


Well, I’ll let you take it upon yourself to check out this movie and see how wild the ending is!

No spoilers here.

I grade Nothing but Trouble 8.5/10 because of its comedic, kafka-esque style.

Please comment or email me at farley3689@gmail.com if you would like to discuss!

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog,
-your boy, jules

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