Cursing Johnny Manziel

Hi all. This is a small post to discuss when I parked Johnny Manziel’s Nissan GTR at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport valet.

He valeted at Hopkins on January 2nd 2016 (Saturday before the Browns’ final game) around noon and said he’d be back Sunday (the next day 1/3/16) at 5 AM.

This news story from 1/3/16 confirms that Manziel missed the Browns’ game verse the Steelers that day.

Here it is Extremely Rare Nissan GTR ***Notice the pink registration tags which indicate they were from 2015 and had to be expired when this picture was taken 1/3/16 (corroborated by this story that Manziel got pulled over the prior week for expired plates):


For this fuckery, Johnny Manziel, I curse you. May you never play football in the NFL again. I hope you move to Canada to be with Bieber. At the very least, do Cleveland a favor and never come back.

manziel bieber

Oh an by the way, you look like a heroin addict:

thin manziel

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