Which Actor Played the Best Spider-Man?

One thing is for sure: every Spider-Man movie is guaranteed to be filled with action and excitement.

Even so, the acting of the masked hero varies. We now have 3 different actors that have donned the Spidey suit on the big screen. They have all put in great effort, but who is the best? Let’s weigh the options.

Tom Holland is a new and fresh face for Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He really connects with the younger audience members. He has the funny factor of Spider-Man, but does he pull off the nerd aspect of Peter Parker? He seems like too much of a cool kid. Let’s be honest…if he were in our high school classes, he would be the most popular guy in school. He also seems like a flat-out crony of Iron Man. He’ll sometimes be dealing with situations on his own, but he’ll usually have Iron Man breathing down his neck.


Andrew Garfield was very humorous, but he’s also too cool. And what’s with the skateboard? Peter Parker did NOT have a skateboard in the comics! Andrew Garfield was so inaccurate that it wasn’t even funny. The Amazing Spider-Man was tolerable, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 completely killed that franchise. No one really wanted to know what happened to Peter and Spidey after that trainwreck.

The storylines of both The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Homecoming lack the emotional depth of the original Spider-Man movies, also. They’re entertaining, but how well can we see through Peter Parker’s eyes?  They also come off as conceited Peter Parkers. Their mannerisms don’t coincide with the self-conscious way that Peter Parker is supposed to be.

Tobey Maguire is the perfect nerdy Peter Parker. He is shy and awkward just like Peter was in the comic books. He is only comfortable with himself when he has his mask on. His movies before also had a Peter Parker feel…they were like preparation for his biggest role of all: Spider-Man. His acting seems so real and authentic, too. He really brings us into the life of Peter Parker and his struggles. We feel as if we are literally seeing through Peter’s eyes. And he made Spider-Man known worldwide.

Tobey Maguire may have lacked some comedic lines when he was donning the suit, but that was due to the writing of the movie and the fact that the scenes weren’t supposed to be funny at all. When he did have comedic lines, he pulled them off very well. Peter Parker is supposed to be someone who is quiet but occasionally wisecracking. Tobey pulled that off to a t and we need him back. We need the story line to continue or else he will always be “Spider-Man No More”.

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