Why is “The Room” so addicting?

The first time I saw “The Room” was when I started dating my boyfriend in 2016.  Surprisingly I never heard of the movie before.  I wasn’t paying that much attention to it at first, but after a few minutes into the movie, I couldn’t look away.  Why?  What makes “The Room” so enticing?

Tommy the room

First of all, the movie is supposed to be serious.  The director (and he was basically everything else) of the movie, Tommy Wiseau, made the movie in hopes of getting an Oscar nomination.  So many movies try so hard to be funny, but they end up being super lame.  “The Room” wasn’t trying to be funny at all.  Hence why its outlandish attempts at seriousness turned into humor.

Secondly, “Oh hai Mark!”  Need I say more?  And what’s with the football obsession?

Oh hai mark

Another epic quote was when Claudette told Lisa that “I definitely have breast cancer!”  With Lisa’s retaliation of:  “Don’t worry about it.  They’re curing people every day!”  The topic is then dropped for the entire movie, because Tommy wanted to make Johnny’s dilemma the only big deal in the movie.

I definitely have breast cancer

All of the goofs in the movie are so obvious and give it even more of a humorous feel.

For me, one of the most hilarious parts of the movie was simply that Tommy Wiseau was at least 20 years older than the other characters (with the exceptions of Claudette and Peter).  What the hell was a man in his mid-40s doing hanging out with people in their 20s?  That’s hilarious!  Of course it happens in real life on occasion, but in a movie?  That’s so unmovie-like.  I’m in my 20s and I can’t imagine having a best friend who’s almost 50.

old tommy

                There are so many random characters in the movie, and we have no clue what their backstories are.  They also always meet in Tommy’s apartment whether he’s there or not.  For example, our first intro to “Mike” and “Michelle” involved her giving Mike a blowjob in Tommy’s apartment when no one was home.  And Johnny loved it when Mike told him the story.

Another monumental thing is that “The Room” is probably one of the only movies (other than pornos) to have 3 sex scenes in the first 30 minutes of the movie.  We’re not even introduced to the characters, yet they are having sex before we even know what the hell the movie is about!

how is your sex life

I can go on and on and on, because there are so many reasons why “The Room” gets the audience hooked.  I can watch this movie over and over again without ever getting bored.  My boyfriend and I see “The Room” at the movie theater every month when it plays at our local theater and we love throwing spoons at the movie screen (another amazing and unique thing about the movie).  Anyways, these are just some of the reasons why “The Room” is a huge phenomenon worth watching but not to be taken seriously.

the room in theaters


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