Don’s Plum – The Movie Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire Don’t Want You to See

If you look at at both Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire’s movie history, you’ll see a movie called Don’s Plum that had a VERY limited release in 2001. It was actually filmed in 1996, though. Ironically, it was filmed in black and white so it looks like an older movie. Leo and Tobey filed a lawsuit to make sure this movie was not released to the public. They don’t want ANYONE to see it. For me, that heightened my appeal to see it. It took me a long time to find it online since every time a copy becomes available, Leo and/or Tobey’s publicists find a way to take it down.

plight don's plum

Why are they so adamant to avoid people seeing it? It’s not really made clear as to why they want it banned. Even so, the people who watch it can make some guesses. I personally think that the biggest reason for Leo and Tobey to prevent its release was that they were embarrassed by how stupid they acted in this movie. The plot is also nonexistent. This could be because there was no script to the movie…it was all improvised by the actors.

They were so desperate to squash this movie that they paid 10 million dollars to the producer of Don’s Plum. Most of the movies Leo and Tobey have acted in are really good. On the other hand, the majority of this movie just involves some friends sitting around a table at a restaurant called “Don’s Plum” talking about sex and drugs. There are cuts where each character goes into the bathroom and looks in the mirror while talking to themselves. That’s pretty strange and unrealistic.


EVERY actor has some bad movies/acting in their pasts. This helped them grow before they were really famous. Our mistakes are what make us grow as human beings in general. No one is perfect regardless of what they think or say.

crack leo

Was this movie really bad? I’d have to say yeah. Was it bad in a good way? I would say yeah to that too. The fact that it was stupid made it funny. If this movie was available to everyone, it would most likely become a huge success because of its stupidity and the huge actors that were in it. Leo and Tobey would get so much money for its success and so would Kevin Connolly since he is also very famous now and got his start in Don’s Plum. It could even become a cult success like the movie The Room.

Check out this scene where Leo is wearing fake buck teeth and picking his nose:

Embarrassing? Yes. Hilarious? Of course. We can see Leo’s funny side for once.

If you’re feeling really bold and rebellious, here’s the link to the full movie. It probably will only be on YouTube for a limited time since Leo or Tobey’s publicist will eventually take it down. Watch it while you have the chance:


‘KingPin’ (1996) Review

Hello friendz! Jules is back and with a new film review. This week I’m going to take a look at the comedy classic starring Bill Murray and woody Harrelson,  Kingpin! I decided to pick this one to review in honor of my newest tablet game obsession, PBA Challenge. I’ve been playing it non stop this past week and it’s gotten me into a bowling mood.
Here’s the app logo:


LOL, I’m such a minivan.

Well anyhoo let’s get started and happy sticky Saturday! Let me begin by saying some of the best comedy movies came out in the 90s, with kingpin, which was released in 1996, being one of the best in my eyes. Kingpin was directed by the farrellys. They had to be good since these goof balls also brought us dumb and dumber. Woody Harrelson (who happens to be the film’s star) is, hands down, a member of the most underrated actors ever. Some of his best performances are in cheers, white boi won’t jump, and natural born killers. I think he’s a type of actor with which common men can relate. As opposed to a George clooney or Brad Pitt who have too much of a pretty boy/rich boy appearance.
Here is the film’s poster:


Gotta love Randy quaid’s priceless face!

Kingpin has a strong intro, showing you Roy Munson (Harrelson) as a child. His father Calvert Munson (Danny green) is shown teaching young Roy (will Rothhaar) how to bowl. This shows the viewer immediately that Roy has been raised to be a career bowlman. His natural talent is also exposed, with a highlight showing Roy getting a strike on the back yard bowling alley Calvert built. In my opinion, this scene is symbolic of 2 things. First the future sexuality Roy possesses.  Next, the utter devastation Roy feels about his future tragedy.
“O brother why me”:


So, the story fast forwards to the adult roy. Obviously he is a great bowler having won enough money to float by. One day he hustles people and Ernie “Big Ern” McCracken (bill Murray) leaves Roy hanging. Needless to say the kidnappers grind Roy’s hand in the bowling ball return.  This leaves Roy’s hand replaced with a hook. His life goes to shambles since he is no longer able to pursue his life’s passion,  bowling. My favorite quote from this scene is “my names not boy, it’s roy”. Roy says this to one of the thugs like a hard ass!

After Roy loses his hand and ability to bowl, he goes through great lengths to find a protege that he can coach to fame. Kind of like the guy who bought LeBron James A hummer when he was in high school. Roy goes through great ordeals, to include becoming Amish for a brief period of time, to find Ishmael Boorg (Randy Quaid) who will fill the role of protege.

“Flossin? Where’d I get Munson?” Ishmael’s most memorable quote.

The greatest scene starring good old Ismael involved him and roy in the bathroom, and ishmael takes a poop poop in a urinal! The original urinal deuce mind you! Wow, gotta love that story development! Also gotta love roy claiming to be from an Amish family from ohio! What a great beautiful state. I’m proud to call it home!
Ishmael and Roy in Amish country:


And now for the Sexiest scene of the movie. This prestigious award goes to claudia (Vanessa angel). She grabs alcohol for the men and she gets cold from the fridge. This forces her nipples to stand erect at the top of the mountain!  It’s glorious my friend!
The beautiful Vanessa Angel,  straight out england:


One of my personal favorite scenes in kingpin features comedic actor chris Elliott as a degenerate gambler. You might remember chris elliot from something about Mary LOL. Chris Elliott, you rock:


The final scene of this epic movie has what could quite possibly be the greatest bowling game ever played. No joke, it goes down as one of the top 5 in history (the game from the big lebowski is somewhere on that list, too). I don’t want to write any spoilers on here, so all you noobs out there that haven’t seen kingpin yet, go see it! The ending is tragic with wild twists and turns. Bravo, writing team!

In reflection, I believe kingpin influenced a great movie that will be released in coming years. Obviously it is the big lebowski, because of the bowling theme. Another coincidence between these infamous films is they were both directed by a team of brothers. The coens with lebowski and the farrellys with kingpin. I also think kingpin influenced the TV show south park. Specifically the episode with the urinal deuce in the school. This reflects upon Ishmael’s shit in the urinal.
Here is one of the famous scenes from that harrowing south park episode:


Recent picture of the original whiteman who couldn’t jump good, Woody Harrelson:


Some other notable characters also include:
William Jordan as Mr. Boorg
Richard Tyson as Stiffy’s owner
Lin Shaye as Landlady
Zen Gesner as Thomas
Prudence Wright Holmes as Mrs. Boorg
Steve Tyler as Gas Station Attendant
Rob Moran as Stanley Osmanski
Willie Garson as Purse snatcher
Chris Schenkel as Himself

All in all I rate this an 8.5/10. I think it is a cult classic due to woody Harrelson and bill Murray’s dark comedy. Also Randy quaid’s A+ performance. Another strong point to kingpin is its angelic soundtrack. Two of my favorite songs from the movie were but anyway by blues traveler and like a virgin by Madonna.

Blues travler:


America’s favorite virgin,  Madonna:


Comedian/actor woody Harrelson in one last, mysterious picture:


Thanks again all you people out there who took the time to read my opinion! I’m planning to move away from movies for my next post and review the famous Steve King novel,  ‘salem’s lot.

-ya boy julian!

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