What Happened to the Sex and the City Girls?

Sex and the City

Let’s start with my favorite character:  Samantha

Who can forget her dirty quips and hilarious take on sex?  Samantha had so much fun with her sexuality and wasn’t the typical woman with relationships.  In my opinion, she made the show.  Unfortunately, Kim Cattrall recently confirmed that she doesn’t want to play Samantha in the future.  Many fans (including me) were very disappointed about this.  But I can’t blame her for wanting to move on.  Currently, she is filming a show called Tell Me A Story, and from what I read about it, it seems like it’s going to be awesome!  It takes the beloved fairytales The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack and the Beanstalk and gives them a dark and murderous twist.  According to her Instagram, the filming for this show started July 16, 2018.  A release date hasn’t been set yet, but I’m definitely going to check it out when it’s released.  Good luck on the show Kim!

And check out her Instagram:  @kimcattrall


Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) was the tough-love type in Sex and the City.  She was a lover and a fighter.  Her relationship with Steve gave us hope that even when things aren’t working out the greatest in a relationship, love defeats all.  Now, Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York.  Her democratic platform involves lessening racism and homophobia.  Even though we have come so far in making things equal for all, there is still so much more progress that needs to occur.  I watch a lot of her speeches, and she seems like she would really help the state out.

And check out her Instagram:  @cynthiaenixon


Carrie (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) knew her true love was Mr. Big.  He sure wasn’t easy to get to, though.  He broke her heart so many times in the show, but she kept trying because she couldn’t imagine her life with anyone else.  Now Sarah Jessica is in a show called Divorce.  It’s (obviously) about a couple who have gotten divorced and all the obstacles they encounter in the process.  To me, she’ll always be Carrie Bradshaw.  But that’s good that she keeps on trucking with her acting career.

And check out her Instagram:  @sarahjessicaparker

Divorce show

And last but not least Charlotte (played by Kristin Davis):  Charlotte was the hopeless romantic in the show.  She was the polar opposite of Samantha.  Her first husband, Trey, was a total disappointment unfortunately.  Her second husband, Harry, treated her like the princess she was.  Now Kristin is doing a wonderful deed by trying to prevent the poaching of the endangered species the elephant.  She’s a huge animal rights activist, and is taking a break from acting to pursue her love of animals.

And check out her Instagram:  @iamkristindavis


“Rattlers’ Class of ’63” – Top 5 Scenes

The Rockford Files was a show from the 1970s starring the legendary James Garner as Jim Rockford. The story revolved around a private investigator, Jim “Rockford” Rockford. The show follows his various investigations and other capers he finds himself in Los Angeles County, California. This video pretty much sums up the character of Jim Rockford. Today I will be reviewing what I thought were the top 5 scenes of the episode “Rattler’s Class of ’63”. It is the 8th episode of the 3rd season.


James “Jim ‘Rockford’ Rockford” Garner

With an Original Air Date of 11/26/1976, it will hit the ripe old age of 40 in just two and a half months. Here’s a link to the iconic theme of The Rockford Files.


It’s $200 Per Day, Plus Expenses, Bitch!

This episode is of particular interest because it was written by David Chase, who went on to create The Sopranos. Which is one of my favorite shows, sparking my interest into his other earlier works. Leading me to The Rockford Files. He wrote 30 episodes of The Sopranos and directed 2 (The Pilot and Made In America – the final episode). The Sopranos is still widely considered to be the greatest show of all time, even though it’s been 9 years since the final episode.


David Chase, Creator Of The Sopranos

And here’s a link to TV Guide’s “Top 50 Shows” list from April 26, 2002. Notice that not only is The Rockford Files is ranked 39th, but The Sopranos is ranked 5th already. Just to remind you, the list is from 2002, more than 5 years before The Sopranos final episode.


David Chase With His Partner In Crime, James Gandolfini

Onto my top 5 scenes of “Rattlers’ Class of ’63”, the fifth ranked episode of the series, according to IMDB. Unfortunately, I could only find one video from the episode on YouTube, but it can be found on Netflix.


Big Pimpen In Cali

5). 11:13-13:37 – Bobby Boyajian and his goons walk in his sister Regine’s apartment while she’s talking to Rockford. Bobby points out, “here’s the guy that pounded me at the church,” while pointing at Rockford. Chubby guy with curly hair (Leo I think?) punches Rockford in the stomach and Bobby and the other goon hold Rockford. They pull him outside where Leo says to Rockford, “You’re in deep trouble, Mr. Brewmeister!”. Then cocks his elbow back ready to swing into Rockford’s gut. Rockford is able to fight back and flee. Epic chase scene ensues. Rockford pulls away and his pursuers lose sight of him. He then hides behind a corner and surprise sucker-punches Leo causing him to fall into the pool.


Nothing Like A Good Old Smoke Break

4). 5:36-6:40 – Regine Boyajian and Angel Martin (Stuart Margolin) are tying the knot. Regine’s brother, Bobby Boyajian, barges in and interrupts the wedding, saying “what do ya call this?!…I gotta hear it from your landlord?” Bobby then sucker punches Angel. Next, Rockford grabs Bobby to stabilize him, and Bobby tries to punch Rockford and he gets bitch slapped. Rockford don’t take no shit. Bobby cries out, “He’s not even Armenian!”. I was surprised no one else in the Boyajian family in attendance intervened to control Bobby’s outburst.


Wedding of Regine and Angel

3). 28:10-31:52 – We see Rockford walking with Regine at Bobby’s wake. In this emotional moment, Rockford assures Regine that he and Angel had nothing to do with her brother Bobby’s death. It’s surprising to me that the victim’s family would even allow someone who was suspected of the man’s murder at his wake. Regine goes into details on how in recent months, Bobby became closer to people like Leo and has always been drunk and “perpetually” broke. Here’s an interesting video of the “women of The Rockford Files”. Rockford knows Regine and Angel aren’t making love so he wants to swoop in and help a woman out!


How’d I End Up In This Mess Guys

2). 33:30-35:28 – Rockford talks to his friend LAPD Sergeant Dennis Becker (Joe Santos). He inquires as to what Dennis found on Chechick and Leo Cale. The duo buried Eddie Groger and another body in the landfill (Boyajian Brothers Sanitation Co.) and forced the sleazy car salesman to buy the property. Rockford keeps trying to pry for further information. Dennis forcefully lets Rockford know he’s being charged with “conspiracy to commit”. And Rockford sarcastically repeats “conspiracy to commit?”. Rockford promptly zips his lips.


I’m So Nice

1). 41:20-43:09 – We find Rockford and Angel talking in a trailer, waiting to be attacked by whoever is pursuing them. Then we see the used car salesman and some other man in the driver’s seat, watching them from a distance. Soon after, Angel hears noise outside the trailer. Rockford says to wait to attack until the person gets inside because they’re gonna stick with the plan they already set up. We then hear the man messing with the gas cap, and Angel remembers that he did not lock it. The car salesman lights fire to the gas tank and the trailer explodes, but Rockford and Angel escape and exchange fire with the guys. It’s the fat guy from the landfill driving the getaway car for the used car salesman. They get stuck on a rock and Rockford catches up to them (ironic?).

As a big time Soprano’s fan, I definitely found it interesting to go back in time and see some of David Chase’s ealiest works. However, I did not see much in this episode of The Rockford Files that reminded me of anything in The Sopranos. Regardless, it was still an entertaining 50 minutes of my life.


He’s Not Afraid To Have Old Friends

Please share your thoughts and comments! Of course my list is imperfect, and not all peeps will agree with my opinions.

And keep your fingers crossed for a The Rockford Files movie!

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He Drove Off Silently Into The Night

Synopsis of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job; Season 5 Episode 8, ‘Handsome’

So much can be said about the brilliance that is Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job. I’m grateful Bob Odenkirk discovered them and gave them a shot. But I’m also sure they would have eventually gotten famous on their own, they are just too talented. Tim and Eric are geniuses of comedy, their take on the genre is revolutionary. I consider them to be artists of comedy. Their team is very talented as well, specifically their editor DJ Douggpound and their composer Davin Wood. I personally can watch any episode on repeat and it wouldn’t come close to getting old or stale. Among all this geniusness, one episode is the greatest of the series in my opinion (I’m sure many people don’t agree with me but this is just my personal opinion) and that is the season 5 Episode “Handsome” (episode 8 of season 5).


Eric performing a medical inspection on Tim with a large needle

The episode opens with a “Morning Meditations”. This iteration of Morning Meditations features a hippie-type man with long hair, light yellow button down shirt, grey slacks, and a silver chain. For a split second the camera zooms in on his face and his eyes look like they are ready to pop out of his face as if he was wired on something, hopefully “coffee”. The man starts it off with a bizarre eclectic dance. The dance involves him moving his arms and legs in repetitive motions. The morning meditator then gets on all fours like an animal and claws his hands like he’s a lion. The noise he makes while he’s in this position sounds like that which a seal or porpoise of some type would make. We probably have Douggpound to thank for that noise. The man then removes his button down shirt, probably to show his beastly side, and the noise he makes turns into the roar of a lion. He then stands on all fours and roars again. To conclude the scene the camera zooms in on his face while he’s making a mean face with his pearly whites exposed.

After the Morning Meditation, the opening credits play. The opening for this episode is psychedelic-themed. There’s cannabis leaves popping in and the colors are like the colors you would see on a tye dyed shirt. The word “trippy” even flashes on the screen for a split second, subliminal message-esque.  

The opening scene after the credits consists of Tim and Eric standing in their office (obviously green screened or some other effect used because the office looks really odd). Their cubicles are across from each other and they are standing in the aisle between their cubes. Eric’s cube contains a pile of letters from fans, apparently all containing the message that he is the handsomest man. There doesn’t seem to be any fan mail in Tim’s cube. One of Eric’s letters is from a fan named “kelly” with a plea to come over and look at her “bazans”. I figure that means “boobs” since there is a crude drawing of boobs in the letter (2 circles with dots in the middle) and Eric proceeds to lick the bazans drawing. Its such an awesome word for boobs that it has entered my own personal lexicon and I now use “bazans” instead of “boobs” in everyday conversation.  Tim and Eric then have a friendly but slightly serious argument about who is the most handsome. Then Tim lets the viewer know the reason for there not being any fan mail in his cube; he scans everything in and digitizes it to keep a clean record of his account. After some more banter about who is most handsome, they agree to get a 3 person panel and have a contest to see who is the most handsome.

After this confrontation a scene begins, featuring a catchy Davin Wood tune, with various middle aged men doing strange dances in their front yard singing about their daily routines on what they would consider the perfect day. Specifically a “perfect dad day”. Obviously, being the Tim and Eric show, the daily routines are abnormal to say the least. The scene also features some Douggpound edits, which are always a riot. My favorite part here is the guy who “checks the levels in his toilet bowls”. I mean who doesn’t do that….lmao.

Next it cuts to the opening of the competition of who’s the most handsome man. Richard Dunn (god rest his soul) is the leader of the 3 member panel along with 2 other women. Who better to judge who is the most handsome other than Richard Dunn?! The competition begins with a card from Eric’s parents showing the parents in bed having what appears to be doggystyle sex and says “To Eric our #1 Handsome Boy!”. Eric then plays a video showing why he’s the most handsome. The video begins with Eric in a magician type outfit with a top hat and leotard. The only words Eric repeats in the video is “oh yeah” in various tones of voice. There are also a couple women with large bazans dancing along with him. Then it ends with the words “undeniably handsome” written on the screen. Eric received creative consulting help with his video from Bilb Ono:


Bilb Ono is my favorite Douggpound face

After that scene we are treated to a commercial for a very interesting and useful Cinco product, “The Cinco FaceTime party snoozer”. I need to get me one of these! All too often I find myself having mind numbingly boring conversations in social settings that bore me to death. This product allows you to sleep thru parties without anyone noticing. The party snoozer is a clear mask with a set of eyes that are wide open which allows you to close your eyes behind the mask without anyone noticing. When others start to talk to you it says phrases to show you are paying attention. A few phrases it says are “sure why not”, “I understand”, and “okay”. Why can’t there be a real Cinco company to make these useful products in real life!? The product even includes a body brace that allows the user to sleep while standing!

Now the episode goes back to the handsomest man competition and Tim plays his video showing why he’s the most handsome. Tim’s video is great. A Fabio type man makes a few appearances in the video as well. It shows him in various sexuality suggestive positions with either very little cloths or nude. For example:


Tim is the most handsome man

Tim also does a small bit of commentary saying things such as he likes his eyes and legs. He also reveals that when he showers he often catches himself looking at his body in the mirror and it turns him on. The best part of Tim’s video is him and another man having a conversation at a water cooler and Tim’s pants and underwear are down around his knees allowing his dong and butt to be exposed. He then gets on his knees and drinks straight from the spout of the water cooler. He also says the blood from his body is hot, wet, and red.

Now that Tim and Eric have both played their respective videos, it’s now time for Richard Dunn and his team of judges to decide who the most handsome man is. The judge Boh Boh votes for Eric and the judge Bohdar votes for Tim. Now Richard Dunn has to cast the tie breaking vote. To build the suspense the episode cuts to another scene showing various dads singing and dancing describing the perfect dad day.

Now it goes to the final round of the handsome man competition where Richard Dunn will decide who is most handsome. Richard Dunn says in order to make up his mind he needs to French kiss both Tim and Eric and then he will be able to come to a decision. Lucky them I wish I had a chance to French kiss Richard Dunn!


Who could resist?


Don't be timid, Tim

Then the episode ends without us knowing who was the most handsome. Typical Tim and Eric fashion!

Thanks for reading and leave me some comments!