Mirage Men: The Absurd Story of Richard Doty

Mirage Men is a documentary released in 2013 that tells the story of Richard Doty, a retired special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). Doty’s job with AFOSI was to be a full-time liar, spreading disinformation and causing mass confusion within the UFO community, ruining a few lives along the way. This is a factual case study of our own government systematically and blatantly lying to us regarding the UFO phenomenon. Furthermore, it explains the truth behind all the UFO sightings that have occurred in America since WW2, being that it was the UAV/drone program.


Mirage Men

The lengths to which the government went to perpetuate their lies is truly incredible. I never was a believer in UFOs or aliens having contact with Earth, but after seeing this documentary, I will now always question any statement made by our government about any topic. Mirage Men is proof that, any time it is in the government’s best interest, the government will lie to and misinform the American public. They truly do look at us as “sheep”.


Liar Liar

After various incidences such as Roswell, the CIA was facing huge public interest in flying saucers. So, they hired senior scientists to study the reports, and their conclusion was that there was nothing to the reports. The CIA used this conclusion to rationalize debunking the stories and carefully watching citizens who showed interest in UFOs. Richard Doty was a product of this strategy.


A Young and Frumpy Mr. Doty

In the late 70s/early 80s his job was to approach UFO witnesses as an agent of the government and persuade the citizen to cooperate and in return he would tell them “what the government really knows about UFOs”. The most famous victim of his was Paul Bennewitz.


Poor Paul Bennewitz

Bennewitz was a WW2 vet and electronics expert who was systematically driven insane, lost his business, and destroyed by the efforts of Richard Doty. He was able to see the Kirtland AF base from his home in Albuquerque New Mexico. Over time, he became concerned about what he was seeing at the base. Eventually, he called the base and alerted them to his observations and they connected him with Richard Doty. After meeting, Doty found that Bennewitz had gathered a great deal of accurate data. Doty said: “We had to decide what we were going to do then. Were we going to allow this to happen, or were we going to try to convince him otherwise.”


Ol’ Dirty Doty

After getting deeper and deeper into the lie, the AF invited Bennewitz to the base to give a presentation about the data he had been collecting. The highest ranking person in the room told him he had very convincing evidence. Bennewitz concluded the presentation by asking for a grant to investigate UFOs on the base and another grant to continue the contact he had with the aliens.


Unidentified Flying Objects

This “contact” he had with aliens was new news to the AF personnel and Doty. The explanation for this “contact” was that the National Security Administration (NSA) had an independent investigation into Bennewitz and was beaming messages to his antenna. The NSA even broke into Bennewitz’s house and replaced his computer with their computer that decoded their messages in the way they wanted them decoded.



Eventually the AF gave Bennewitz information that they found evidence of an alien base near Dulce, NM in Archuleta Mesa. So, Bennewitz started investigating the area and him and Doty even camped out there together a few times. He found much evidence in favor of aliens living there, however, Doty reveals that it was all props dumped there by the AF. So, Bennewitz wrote to various elected officials and TV stations with his findings and they all brushed him off. He couldn’t reconcile this, because one arm of the government was brushing him off, while another arm was leading him on.


Archuleta Mesa


Eventually Doty sat Bennewitz down and told him he needs to stop his investigations, and he’s gone as far as he can go. Bennewitz continued, and the AF/Doty ended their relationship with him. Soon after which, his family checked him in at a psychiatric facility, a sad end to the Paul Bennewitz story.


ET Phone Doty

The film also gives a two-fold explanation for the large amount of cattle mutilation cases from this time period. The direct reason for the mutilations was covert monitoring of the effects the early fracking program had on the ecosystem and the food chain. The government was killing cattle and removing their organs/lymphatic system to see if there was any toxins in their system related to fracking. The secondary use for the mutilations was that people like Doty who were spreading lies, used cattle mutilation as proof for aliens.


We Want Your Cattle’s Lymphatic System

Next, a few more interactions Doty had with other members of the UFO community are explained. More of the same lies and deception and making people look like fools. I honestly don’t know how this scumbag can sleep at night. The most interesting of these was the story of Project Serpo, which was sent by email anonymously to Victor Martinez, a UFO research with the UFO Threat List. Doty claims he didn’t send out the email but his IP address was attached to the emails. Project Serpo was the report of the US government’s “secret mission” in which 12 astronauts were sent to the alien planet Serpo 38.4 light years away. The mission supposedly took place between the years 1965-1978. It was the exact same situation that occurred in Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Spielberg.


Looks Like Someone’s Going To Have Trouble Walking Tomorrow

The end of the film shows Doty blowing some more smoke. He gives details on why he personally believes aliens are real. I don’t buy it. This guy is a liar and he I personally think he should be put in prison.


Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and remember not to trust the government!

NYC Trip Summer 2016

I just got home a ten-day break from life to visit the capital of the world,the Big Apple, New York City. I stayed at an AirBnB on East 9th Street in the East Village near Tompkins Square Park and lived as a true New Yorker. It was a much-needed liberation from the quietness and tediousness of my life in Ohio. My extended time there allowed me to make a visit to all 5 boroughs, all the famous parks (I spent at least 16 hours in Central Park alone), famous comedy clubs, and many amazing (and unhealthy) restaurants. I’ll start things off with some random pics from Manhattan:

And here’s a video I took of some early Saturday morning junkie drama in Union Square:

I spent a couple hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (AKA “The Met”). Founded in 1870, it is almost 150 years old. It was the third most visited museum in the world in 2013 with over 6 million visitors, behind only The Louvre and The British Museum. The collection is very large, at over 2 million pieces. I would need at the very least 2 whole days to explore the entire museum. Furthermore, if you’re on a budget, this is for you – admission is whatever you want to donate (at least $1). Here are some of the pieces that I liked most:

I made a visit to the largest zoo in America, Bronx Zoo. It contains 265 acres of space and over 4,000 animals. I noticed how clean and well maintained the grounds were. Here’s a video of a zebra I saw there:

And here are some pics from the Zoo:

I also spent a day wandering around Brooklyn. I got there by walking the Brooklyn Bridge. The views of Manhattan, the river and harbor, and Brooklyn were priceless. Here’s proof:

I made stops in Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Prospect Park, and Coney Island. Williamsburg had a fun energy, with a ton of trendy bars and coffee shops. I enjoyed seeing the authentic brownstones of Park Slope. I made a stop at Nathan’s and got the best hot dog of my life at Coney Island. Riegelman Boardwalk at Coney Island offered some amazing views of the ocean. Prospect Park was a calming escape from the city, and offered some scenic views of nature. Here’s some pics from Brooklyn:

I also spent a day exploring Astoria, Queens. I stopped at an authentic Italian deli and got an Italian Hero. And then took a nap in Astoria Park. Here’s some pics from Queens:

I visited 2 famous comedy clubs, the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB) in Chelsea and the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village. I visited UCB on a Tuesday which is “The Harold” night. 4 improv teams performed and it was silly. I went to the Comedy Cellar on Wednesday 8/24/2016 and the lineup was Nimesh Patel, Keith Alberstadt, Liza Treyger, Louis Katz, Dov Davidoff, and Dave Attell. I thought the funniest comedian of the night was Nimesh Patel. Keith Alberstadt yelled at some woman in the crowd for talking and she was removed from the show. Dov Davidoff was a random drop-in which happens often. Dave Attell was the most famous, and he was very funny as well. I don’t have any pics or videos from these shows because there are very strict rules about video taping and I didn’t want to risk getting caught, thrown out, and embarrassed.

I visited Riverside and Battery Parks. Riverside runs along the Hudson River on the Upper West Side and provides a view of New Jersey and the George Washington Bridge. Battery Park is on the tip of Lower Manhattan and provides a view of the New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. Here are some pics from those parks:

I took a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry. This allowed me to get a better view of the Statue of Liberty than I was able to get from Battery Park. Here’s a video of the view of Lady Liberty:

Here’s a long video of the ride on the ferry looking to the east:

And here’s a few pics from the ferry ride:

I went to a Yankees game. Any sports fan has to make an appearance at the iconic Yankee’s Stadium at least once in their life. Yankees fans were intense, going wild over every strike. And when the Yanks hit a home run the crowd truly got insane and loud. Cleveland Indians fans are nowhere near as intense. Here’s some pics of the stadium and field:

Central Park was the highlight of my trip. It is truly amazing. It is the most visited park in the United States and had over 40 million visitors in 2013 alone. It became apparent to me why so many people visit. It provides a peaceful escape from the extremely noisy, busy city that surrounds it. It’s huge, coming in at a total area of 843 acres. My 3 favorite attractions in the park were Cleopatra’s Needle (from 1450 BC Egypt), The Onassis Reservoir, and Strawberry Fields (tribute to John Lennon). Here’s a video of the view from the Onassis Reservoir:

And here are some pics from the park:

Here are some other random pics from NYC:

Overall, my time in NYC was amazing and I will never forget this vacation. I feel refreshed and inspired to finish off the second half of 2016. Thanks for taking your time to read and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thoughts on Alex Winter’s Deep Web (2015)

“Deep Web” is a documentary from 2015 created and directed by Alex Winter. The documentary debuted on March 15, 2015 at SXSW and was featured on the EPIX cable network. The film goes into great detail and tells the unbiased story of the Silk Road, and the trial of its alleged creator and admin, Ross Ulbricht AKA Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR). Winter’s goal with the film was not to take sides, but to explain what the Silk Road was – a political community and movement of like-minded individuals. He also felt that law enforcement created a completely untruthful narrative of the entire case, and it needed some explaining. I discovered this documentary after Alex Winter was featured on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and was immediately fascinated by the story he was trying to tell. Here’s the trailer.


We’re All Just Flying Monkeys in Space

Winter featured in a few famous films from the late 80s and early 90s, such as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989), BT’s Bogus Journey (1991), The Lost Boys (1987), and Freaked (1993). He’s been interested in the internet and tech world for his whole life. He created another internet-related documentary, Downloaded, released at SXSW in 2012He also gave a very interesting TED talk on how the Dark Net is key to our privacyAnd here he is talking about Ross.


Alex Winter

Deep Web is the impartial, unbiased account of the Silk Road deep web marketplace, and the trial of its alleged creator, Ross Ulbricht or DPR. For what its worth, the case of Ross is an account of the government having it’s head in the sand and trying to shove our heads in also. The Silk Road was created in 2011 by a group of like-minded individuals with various libertarian and anarchist political beliefs. It combined the use of TOR (anonymous browser) and bitcoin (anonymous currency) to create a completely anonymous black market. Any goods can be exchanged on the site, but it was mainly used to exchange drugs.  Counterfeit currency, stolen goods, and other things that would hurt people were not allowed to be listed for sale on the site. The overall philosophy behind the site was to create a new relationship between the government and the people, where the government can’t control what the people buy and sell. Another minor philosophy the group shared was putting an end to the drug war.



DPR was the screen name of the main admin and creator of the site. For those not familiar with this name, it’s from “The Princess Bride” novel and film. It’s a character whose name – Dread Pirate Roberts – is passed down to a new person periodically. This little tidbit is important to the names as it applies to The Silk Road. For example, DPR did an interview with Andy Greenberg. In the interview, DPR says that he did not create the Silk Road, his predecessor did, and he took over the screen name at some point.

deep web 9.jpg

DPR in The Princess Bride

Almost immediately after the site was launched, it was infiltrated by undercover law enforcement who participated in the drug deals. Law enforcement also had informants working for them on the site. The investigation caught speed with an undercover officer named “nob”. Nob started contacting DPR regarding large-scale drug deals, and if he could be connected with a buyer of weight. DPR connected nob with a user named “chronic pain” who bought from nob, the federal agent, and gave his home address as the shipping address.


Needless to say, chronicpain was arrested, which freaked out DPR. Then DPR told nob they needed to have chronicpain beaten up, which eventually changed to he should be executed. A photo of chronicpain’s bloody was sent to DPR as proof the deed was done. This was one of six total alleged murder for hire schemes. Of note is that two of the victims’ names in these schemes were found to be fictitious.


Good Old Fashioned Molly

Christopher Tarbell of the FBI eventually located the Silk Road’s server in data centers in Iceland and Germany. It’s still a mystery how Tarbell located these servers legally. At 51:40 in the film, a summary of the explanation given by Tarbell on how he accessed the server is given. This expert calls Tarbell’s story “a heaping pile of bovine excrement”. This explanation is actually contradictory to what was given by the FBI. Regardless, both Tarbell’s and the FBI’s explanations don’t make sense. Therefore, it was most likely an illegal hack. Which, if true, means Ross’ 4th amendment rights were violated.


Eventually, in October 2013, Ross Ulbricht was arrested in San Francisco at the Glen Park library. He was actually logged in to the DPR account on the Silk Road and was unable to encrypt his laptop before he was arrested. They found a journal documenting Ross’ activities in creating the Silk Road, as well as millions (around 3.6 million worth) in bitcoin. Recall three paragraphs above, the Andy Greenberg interview. There was at least two people who have used the DPR screen name. Even though we know about this interview, to the casual observer, it would appear Ross was caught with his pants down. Since this arrest, Ross has been held in prison, he was not allowed bail due to the violent nature of his murder-for-hire charges. Even with Ross in jail, a new “Silk Road 2.0” popped up, ran by a new DPR.


At 59:55 we get a powerful opinion from ex Baltimore cop Neill Franklin, current director of the organization Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Franklin discusses his memories of violence against families due to drugs, specifically recalling the murder of an entire family of seven by one drug dealer. He says, “If Baltimore moved from street corners to online services, do you know how many fewer shootings we would have every year, which equates to fewer homicides?” He goes further by pointing out that, by using the internet, buyers are removed from the dangerous situations that arises from being around drug dealers. Another interesting fact he brought up is the multi-billion dollar drug testing industry.


I also found the interview with Amir Taaki to be very interesting. Taaki was involved with the creation of Bitcoin. He states that the next step is to make decentralized drug markets, a la torrenting. This way, the government can never bring down the whole thing. The weak point of the Silk Road was there was a central server, and there was a main admin and creator.


Amir Taaki

By the time of Ross’ trial, all the violent charges were dropped from his indictment. Regardless, the public and jury were still tainted. The simple fact that there were violent charges against him at one point was a smear against Ross’ image. It’s hard to believe someone with a quote on their LinkedIn profile such as:

“Now, my goals have shifted. I want to use economic theory as a means to abolish the use of coercion and aggression amongst mankind…To that end, I am creating and economic simulation to give people a first-hand experience of what it would be like to live in a world without the systemic use of force.”

could have a violent bone in his body. He had his trial in early 2015. It was a sham to say the least. Considering the very technical nature of the case, expert witnesses were not allowed to be called by the defense. The judge said the case did not require expert knowledge. Also, remember “nob”, the undercover drug seller who contacted DPR about selling weight? He was found to be stealing millions in bitcoins from people on the Silk Road. This little tidbit, that the law enforcement officer responsible for the original break in the case was now being investigated for corruption, was also not admitted into the trial. He was sentenced to life without parole. He essentially wasn’t able to defend himself, and is appealing.


Ross Ulbricht

Luckily, as of the time of this documentary in March 2015, Ross has avoided violence while in prison. This recent update on his appeal shows his defense is focusing on corrupt law enforcement officers. The case of Ross Ulbricht might be a textbook example of obstruction of justice on the part of law enforcement. Please do what you can to support Ross in his fight against false charges.

“I’ll never give up hope of being free again.” – Ross Ulbricht


Free Ross

That’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading. Check out Deep Web by Alex Winter. And FREE ROSS ULBRICHT!