Stress in the Workplace

Ever since human beings came into existence, there were always “jobs” that humans did or had to do in order to survive.  If there were not, there would never be any technological advances and a lot of individuals would not even exist without the medical advances that were found out because of the hard work of others.  Unfortunately, every job and every workplace has stressors that can be very hard to avoid.  These stressors can also cause health problems.


The job I currently have has been putting a lot of stress on me and I have started having major heart problems because of this.  The main reason for my rapid decline in heart health seems to be the workload incompatibility factor at my workplace.  I am also predisposed to this condition due to  my genetics, but I have never had problems before this job.  In order to manage my feelings of workload incompatibility and thus avoid future health problems, I can implement positive communication with the other employees and my boss about the workload; I can handle my work with a positive attitude and avoid thinking about the things that I cannot control; and I can talk about my workplace stresses with my family and my doctor in order to avoid the stress that unnecessarily bottles up.


In every place and every situation, there will be people that can be hard to deal with.  Being in a work environment with these types of people can be one of the hardest things to deal with.  As an employee, one must maintain a positive and professional attitude towards the other employees.  This positive and professional attitude can sometimes become weary due to too much stress.  There are two workers that I work with that never have as much work as my division of criminal and traffic.  There is one other worker that works in my criminal and traffic division.  She is also not treated equally.  The two workers that never have a lot of work are in the civil division.  The workload incompatibility is vast.  In order to avoid complications for my mentality and my health, I can voice my concerns to the other employees.  If they don’t listen to my concerns, I can contact the manager in order to help me in the situation.  Whenever I do develop feelings that I feel like I can’t control, I can communicate with the other employees as much as possible in order to fix the issue.


There are a lot of things in old and established companies that cannot be controlled or contained.  As Goudreau from Forbes magazine says, “We experience stress when we feel that situations are out of our control”.  I need to stop worrying about the things that I cannot change.  This is a good tip for the workplace, but is also true for my life in general.  Positivism could help contribute to a better work environment for everyone.  Positive energy has an effect on others, also.  In the same environment, different peoples’ energies contribute to others’ energies.  Even so, I can not change how the other employees think.  There is only so much that one employee can do at a workplace.  There should be equal contributions from each employee so the stress does not build up on just one person.  Because I am a new employee, I feel as though I am being discriminated against.  This should also be prevented because new employees need a chance to adjust and they should not have to do the work that other people simply don’t want to do.


When people have stress, it is only natural for this stress to build up.  When stress builds up, it can cause an emotional explosion.  The things that are stressing someone out need to be talked about.  One cannot hide their feelings for too long.  Even though a person may feel invincible when they start a new job, that is definitely not the case.  And when we are feeling too confident, We often feel obligated to say “yes” to everything for fear we won’t be liked. But the greatest act of stress relief is exercising your right to say no.  When that doesn’t work or make a person happy, the best thing to do is talk to your loved ones about the stress that you are feeling.  An even better thing to do is talk to a medical professional about the issue.  Medical professionals aren’t as available as loved ones and family members, though.  So before things bottle up, it is best to turn to the people that are there for you all of the time.


Every person appreciates compliments.  In order to help out another worker, even little compliments can help their egos.  As Ellen DeGeneres put it, “we spend our time thinking about what other people are thinking about us…when all they’re really thinking about is what we’re thinking about them”.  This anxiety about what others are thinking cannot necessarily be stopped, but it can be acknowledged.  Also, knowing that every other person has some sort of anxious feelings about themselves helps a person get through the day when they are feeling inadequate.

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The two most important factors that go along with my current goals are being honest with myself and helping others as opposed to only helping myself when I am distressed.  I cannot lie to myself and act like I am okay when I am not.  When I am not emotionally and/or physically okay, I will tell the other employees and my supervisor.  I will especially tell the others that work with me these things when I am experiencing chest pain due to my heart problems.  I cannot sacrifice my health for my work as much as I may think that it is necessary.  I do need to have monetary resources, but money is definitely not the key to happiness.  This is seen time and time again with celebrities.  No matter how much money a celebrity has, they still seem unhappy and a lot of them die at early ages due to not being sufficiently happy despite how much money they have available to them.


When I am distressed with the workload, the other employees probably feel the same way as I do.  I cannot just feel sorry for myself when the workload gets challenging.  I need to collaborate with the other employees to make the workload manageable.  If my concerns and the concerns of others are not dealt with in the proper way, then the whole workplace can suffer the consequences.


Because I am new to my current job, my first future goal is to get comfortable in my workplace.  Being the new employee is not easy for any person, but approaching the situation with a positive attitude can mean everything.  I try to be thankful for the fact that I have such a meaningful job every day.  Even though I am only one person, my job involves working for the government.  This is an opportunity that not many people get the chance to have.  Regardless of the struggles I may face, I need to keep my chin up.  This is something for me to cherish as opposed to relish.


In conclusion, stress can never be avoided in the workplace or in life in general.  The best that people can do is enjoy what they have.  In this economy, it’s hard to find a job and having a job should really be cherished.  The technology and the medical advances that are available to us are also opportunities that we take for granted.    Health problems are things that can be avoided, but when they are due to genetics, they cannot be avoided as easily.  When I give it a lot of thought, I realize that every workplace has some incompatibility and this especially occurs when there is miscommunication between the employees and the bosses/managers.  There are also things that cannot be controlled by any one person so these things must be let go in order to have a positive work environment.  Stress cannot build up and every person needs to vent their feelings to their loved ones and their doctors.  Complimenting others can also mean the world to somebody because every person always is subconsciously thinking about what another person is thinking about them.  One little random compliment can change somebody’s day regardless of who the person is.  Be thankful for what you have because you never know when it can be taken away.

The Final Solution to the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is an evil that must be stopped. Politics aside, its clear to see that the current tax system in America is crippling the middle class, especially small business owners.


It is for this reason the middle class hates the IRS. As a child, I clearly remember my dad (who was a small business owner himself) cursing the IRS and talking about them as if they were trying to find him, tie him down, and give him a lifetime supply of anal probes.


It was around this time I made up my mind that I did not want to work for any type of organization that my dad would talk like this about. Many other kids and friends of mine in my blue-collar, middle class neighborhood had fathers who ran their own business just like my dad. I really don’t see too many kids dreaming on becoming IRS auditors when they grow up (although, current IRS worker’s children may be susceptible to this).


And I can’t imagine too many of the wealthy leading their children to become IRS agents, either. So, where is the IRS finding new recruits? My solution to bring down the IRS is for this generation of millennials to refuse any job offer proposed by the IRS. Also, this generation’s kid’s must be advised to NOT take a job with the IRS. We would provide incentives for current IRS employees to not allow their children to join the Service either.


The more workers the IRS employs, the easier it is for them to audit your return. This is because, the absolute return in dollars they receive on penalties and interest collected per employee increases. These workers are also American citizens. What we have here is middle class workers at the IRS preying on the rest of America’s middle class for their living. People, just like you and me, making a living collecting money from people just like them (how’s that for an infinite loop).


They’re just following orders you say? So were many of the mid and low-level Nazi Germany workers and collaborators. The Nazis for the most part, were just middle class German citizens making a living preying upon other middle class Germans. This may be a little extreme a comparison, but the underlying idea is identical.


There are many more equitable taxation scheme ideas than the current one in place, for example the Fair Tax system. But, these details are outside the scope of my opinion here.


Take a moment to look at the situation here, and try to understand how effective a solution this is. We need to instill this idea in our children, that the IRS is evil and never work for them.


My point is, that we all as American citizens must decline any job offer from the IRS and teach or children to do the same. This needs to be a grassroots, demographical and sociological attack on the IRS. A new world version of the “passive resistance” of Ghandi.


Our current generation appears to be screwed with the current system, but this idea could save our grandchildren from the same oppression we have faced.