Where is Gordo from “Lizzie McGuire” now?


If you used to watch the show Lizzie McGuire when you were younger, you would remember the character named Gordo played by Adam Lamberg. Every young girl had a crush on him and everyone wanted Lizzie and Gordo to end up together in the end. Predictably, that is exactly what happened in “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”. After that movie, Gordo seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Thanks to Adam Lamberg’s Facebook, we can see how Gordo has progressed since “Lizzie McGuire”.

Go Away

We can see he loves chickens…

Gordo with chicken

..and alcohol…
gordo drinking

…and weed.

Gordo high

There were actually 2 very small and low key movies that Gordo was in after the end of the “Lizzie McGuire” show. One movie is called “When Do We Eat?” where he played a Jewish autistic man. The other movie is called “Beautiful Loser” where he falls desperately in love with a beautiful girl from high school. In all honesty, those movies were pretty bad. Could that be the reason Gordo ditched the acting business? It may be…but what is he doing now?

Gordo Now

Adam Lamberg aka. Gordo now works at the Irish Arts Center in New York City. So he’s a Jewish Irishman. He looks pretty zombie-esque and like he hasn’t slept in a week in this picture. Someone call the makeup artist!

Check out his info on the Irish Arts Center website: http://www.irishartscenter.org/team

Ghoulardi Fest Cleveland 2013

This past weekend I attended ghoulardi Fest. For those of you outside the Cleveland area, ghoulardi (Erie Anderson, father of famous movie director Paul Thomas Anderson) was a local late night TV show host. It was a comedy show on channel 8 (WJW Fox affiliate)  where ghoulardi would play a movie (usually a horror film), most often a “B” movie-ed wood  must have been one of his favorite directors! and add his own comments, special effects, and props. These usually were edited poorly for comedic effect. He would also play short original comedy skits before or after commercial breaks. These skits would often star chuck “big chuck” schodowski, Tim conway, hoolihan, and later, “lil” John rinaldi.

Anyhow, Erie Anderson passed away in 1996, RIP, and cleveland has been celebrating his life with ghoulardi Fest ever since! My grandfather worked as a film editor at channel 8 on ghoulardi’s show, so he really wanted to make an appearance at this event and show off his family. He was also able to reminisce with old friends and coworkers. They even showed some skits my grandfather edited personally. Very interesting!

Here’s a lotus I spotted in the parking lot:


I’m guessing this car was either big chuck, Lil john, or hoolihan’s!

Ghoulardi Fest entrance sign:


The guy sitting at the table couldn’t add. We had a group of 4, tickets were 15 a piece, and we got charged 45. Win some ya lose some lol.



Big chuck,  Lil john, and my grandpa:


My grandpa is in the middle. Big chuck and lil John were very happy to see my grandpa. They even invited him on stage while doing trivia! The most interesting story they told about ghoulardi was about the time the visited ernie’s house in studio city. He had a stucco house with a brick addition and an addition with aluminum siding. It was the ugliest house ever. He also had a ton of animals on his property, including ponies, chickens, pigeons, etc. Sounds pretty eccentric like a real life cosmo kramer!

As a matter of fact, ghoulardi liked to make fun of parma, Ohio and it’s residents. This is because when he lived in parma, he had all these animals. He also never cut the grass and was a nuisance to neighbors. So, the city sent him fine after fine. Eventually he had to move. This is why he made fun of parma residents for their white socks, and referred to the city as “Amrap”.

Preach, Lil John! :


Two pics of big chuck, Lil john, and hoolihan addressing their fans:



Ghoulardi sign on stage:


Entrance sign warped:


This photo effect fits ghoulardi’s twisted mind!

Well, that’s all I have. Thanks for reading and I am glad I was able to introduce you to ghoulardi. Or if you were already a fan, I’m glad to have filled you in on how ghoulardi Fest went!

PS look for ghoulardi’s son Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, Inherent Vice, in 2014. It is based on the book of the same name by Thomas pynchon. I am expecting it to be great just like all his other films. It is great to have ghoulardi’s son making movies so the Anderson family legacy survives!