The Gathering of the Juggalos

The Gathering of the Juggalos (GotJ) is the music festival for fans of Insane Clown Posse (ICP). Here is a video about the culture. GotJ is the equivalent of going to heaven for a Juggalo.



Toothless meth heads and the morbidly obese unite. Prison tattoos and naked people everywhere. Sewer and other gross smells abound. People openly sell drugs, holding up signs of what they have for sale, or simply yelling it out. People also hold up signs for what drugs they’re looking for. When the GotJ was in Illinois, there was actually a bridge that people sold drugs from. This is allowed because the hired security doesn’t care about drugs and cops aren’t willing to come anywhere near the event.


Drug Dealing

Tila Tequila infamously got assaulted with pee and poo while on stage.

Of course people spray Faygo everywhere and throw their full cans at the stage so they explode everywhere. Juggalos are obsessed with Faygo for all you who didn’t know.



It’s a common occurrence to puke on yourself or get puked on by someone and not be able to take a shower the whole week. They have a shower on the grounds but the water is freezing cold and after a few days I bet you could contract a deadly virus in the showers.


Dildo Much?

Since the police presence is always nonexistent, there is a Lord of the Flies-type street justice going on. They have what is called the “juggalo jail” which is where people who get caught stealing and doing other buzz-killing type things have to spend a day. There is also a story of a guy stealing from a vendor and getting chased by a mob and later his car getting completely destroyed and taken apart.


Juggalo Jail

There’s a lot of women who walk around naked, most average, some questionably members of the chordate phyla, some really hot. I would post some pics on here but don’t want to post nudes of someone with out their consent. Also, a lot of people get blowjobs.


Sure why not

It’s like a big family where everyone looks out for each other and assholes are shamed. Although there’s always exceptions to the rules, everyone for the most part is cool.


Just a Happy Family

I also noticed many pregnant women (or women with large guts) smoking cigs. Hey, its your body and your offspring so whatever floats your boat.


Smoking Pregnant Juggalette

So, in conclusion, this year’s festival is July 20-23rd in Thornville, OH and I hope to see you there.