All That Is Wrong With Lena Dunham

There is a plague like scourge that America is currently dealing with, and her name is Lena Dunham. One of the physical embodiments of the “regressive left” that exists in our once great (and will be great again after November when Lena Dunham moves to Canada) country. I’m not a sexist, or a bigot, or a racist but this post is going to definitely make me sound like one. If you’re good at what you do, I like and respect you. That counts for everyone; women, men, children, Arabs, Africans, Gays, etc. I’m blind to labels, I only see talent. For example, I believe Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are very funny comedians – in the top 10 of my list of current comics.


Sorry if you were planning on eating in the next month

I discovered this wench over 4 years ago in 2012 when I saw the show “Girls” on HBO on demand. I watched an episode, I cannot remember which episode, lets just say it was the pilot, and was utterly disgusted. Disgusted mostly with myself that I wasted over 50 minutes of my precious life absorbing this nonsense. But also disgusted with television and HBO to allow such fuckery to air. That day I made a promise to myself that I would never put myself through that, or anything like it ever again.


Lena after dropping a dirty turd. Stinks in there.

However, this accidental viewing of “Girls” wasn’t the last time I would be tortured by this mental midget. Since “Girls” started in 2012 she has seemed to hit the news a couple of times a year for various dumb reasons.


I’m seriously sorry if you were planning on eating

First, she received a $3.7 million dollar advance for a book shortly after the first season of her show ended – and good for her, I’m happy for her. But I’m also happy that, as of January 16th 2016, her books only sold 271,931 copies. Which is a little more than half way to the publishers break even point of 500,000 copies sold – serves them right. That’s karma. With any luck, the PC lib asshat who approved that deal got canned.



By the way, the only non-whites in the pilot of Girls were a black taxi driver, a black homeless guy, and an Asian. They then hired Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino to star in a couple of episodes in season 2 to end the claims of racism. Pretty strange for a show created by such a PC, liberal, gay rights, and other minorities activist.


The belly button is deep

Fast forward to 2014. Lena’s book “Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s ‘Learned'” is finally released. In it she reveals her sexual assault of her sister and also makes the PROVEN false claim that she was sexually assaulted while she was a student at Oberlin College. By the way, Lena’s sister is now a lesbian. Conventional wisdom says that sexuality is genetic, but this is an interesting coincidence, the younger sister being sexually assaulted as a child by the older sister and becomes a lesbian. This book is a true window into the ugliness that resides inside Lena Dunham’s body.

In the book Lena says she was high on coke and xanax and she was alone when she was raped. This random CONSERVATIVE man from her college took advantage of the situation and sexually assaulted her. I’m sorry but how is the man’s politics relevant to the false rape. Why is that detail added to the narrative? Also, if you’re high on coke and xanax, it’s probably not that easy to communicate whether or not you want sex – I recommend to only mix these substances around friends. All in all, rape is a very serious accusation and even if the man is found innocent, many times the damage to his reputation is already done. I personally know a man who was falsely accused of rape and he the situation made him suicidal, he hasn’t been the same since. For this reason alone, Lena should be ostracized from mainstream pop culture.


Be careful or I’ll accuse you of rape

Another interesting tidbit on Lena is how she claimed she was waiting to get married until gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. So then, in 2015 when gay marriage becomes legal on the federal level, she says she’s not ready to get married yet. So, the question becomes, why even make that statement in the first place? Lena clearly isn’t the new generations premier logician, that’s for certain.


Hope you weren’t planning on eating this month

So now we’re in 2016 and the stupid Lena Dunham stories are only accelerating. First we have her coming to the defense of fellow false rape accuser Ke$ha. Definitely makes sense – “it’s a false rape accuser thing”. If a woman accuses a man of rape and then it’s proven to be a lie, that woman should get as many years, if not more, in prison than the man would have gotten.


“Theres no toilet paper left to wipe my butt with”

Then we have her dumb comment about Kanye’s video for his song “Famous”. She says the video is one of the most “disturbing ‘artistic’ efforts in her recent memory”.This is the video with the naked wax versions of various celebrities. Of note is that Lena Dunham was not one of those naked wax celebrities. It’s not good to make assumptions, but I have a feeling she wouldn’t have made that criticism if she was one of those naked celebs. When asked about Lena’s criticism, Kanye responded, “who?”.


That’s a dumb tattoo

Now, most recently, Lena gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention. I don’t know what segment of the Democratic electorate she represents. And it’s also pretty ironic that the Black Lives Matter party would have someone who is the definition of white privilege speak, but that’s beyond my scope here. Straight up, what she said was just really stupid.


All in all, please don’t pay this idiot any further attention. She’s not interesting, she’s unfunny, and a no talent. She doesn’t stand for anything, and isn’t intelligent. The least you can do, is next time you’re in Barnes & Noble, find Lena’s book, pick your nose or your ass, and wipe your dirty finger on a page.

The Final Solution to the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is an evil that must be stopped. Politics aside, its clear to see that the current tax system in America is crippling the middle class, especially small business owners.


It is for this reason the middle class hates the IRS. As a child, I clearly remember my dad (who was a small business owner himself) cursing the IRS and talking about them as if they were trying to find him, tie him down, and give him a lifetime supply of anal probes.


It was around this time I made up my mind that I did not want to work for any type of organization that my dad would talk like this about. Many other kids and friends of mine in my blue-collar, middle class neighborhood had fathers who ran their own business just like my dad. I really don’t see too many kids dreaming on becoming IRS auditors when they grow up (although, current IRS worker’s children may be susceptible to this).


And I can’t imagine too many of the wealthy leading their children to become IRS agents, either. So, where is the IRS finding new recruits? My solution to bring down the IRS is for this generation of millennials to refuse any job offer proposed by the IRS. Also, this generation’s kid’s must be advised to NOT take a job with the IRS. We would provide incentives for current IRS employees to not allow their children to join the Service either.


The more workers the IRS employs, the easier it is for them to audit your return. This is because, the absolute return in dollars they receive on penalties and interest collected per employee increases. These workers are also American citizens. What we have here is middle class workers at the IRS preying on the rest of America’s middle class for their living. People, just like you and me, making a living collecting money from people just like them (how’s that for an infinite loop).


They’re just following orders you say? So were many of the mid and low-level Nazi Germany workers and collaborators. The Nazis for the most part, were just middle class German citizens making a living preying upon other middle class Germans. This may be a little extreme a comparison, but the underlying idea is identical.


There are many more equitable taxation scheme ideas than the current one in place, for example the Fair Tax system. But, these details are outside the scope of my opinion here.


Take a moment to look at the situation here, and try to understand how effective a solution this is. We need to instill this idea in our children, that the IRS is evil and never work for them.


My point is, that we all as American citizens must decline any job offer from the IRS and teach or children to do the same. This needs to be a grassroots, demographical and sociological attack on the IRS. A new world version of the “passive resistance” of Ghandi.


Our current generation appears to be screwed with the current system, but this idea could save our grandchildren from the same oppression we have faced.



‘The Drop’ (2014) Summary and Thoughts


“The Drop” was a mafia film that was released to theaters in 2014. It was based on Dennis Lehane’s novel “Animal Rescue”.

It was a significant release since it was the late James Gandolfini’s final film. This film is a sad reminder of how great an actor we lost in Gandolfini. Gandolfini plays the Tony Soprano type character, except in this story, instead of being the boss, he’s at the bottom of the crime world. It is very interesting how they cast him in this role, since he was well known as the Don of the DiMeo crime family in the “Sopranos”. My favorite quote from Gandolfini’s character Marv in “The Drop” is “We’re fuckin’ dead already we’re just still walkin’ around.” This brought back memories for me of the last couple episodes of The Sopranos, where the family has to go into hiding from the New York family.


Gandolfini stars as Marv, who runs the bar “Cousin Marvs'” in Brooklyn. He previously owned the bar 10 years ago, but lost ownership to the Chechen mafia. His real cousin Bob (Tom Hardy) is tends bar for him. Bob and Marv have quite an interesting relationship.

Cousin Marvs’ is a “drop bar”, which is a bar that the local crime bosses choose at random each night to act as the safe for the entire criminal underworld of the city. The bar operators never know the night their bar will be used as the drop bar. This is a security measure to make it harder for people to rob the drop bar.

One night, while walking, Bob hears a dog crying in a trashcan. He opens it up and its a bloody, beaten pitbull. The owner of the garbage, Nadia (Noomi Rapace) yells out to Bob to get out of her garbage. The two of them decide to care for the dog, Nadia will hold him for a few days, then Bob will take over. They name the dog Rocco.

A couple days later, Cousin Marvs’ is robbed at gunpoint by two guys in masks. Later, it shows that Marv actually set up the robbery. It is implied he needed extra money to help pay his father’s medical bills (his father is on life support). The robbers got away with $5,000 and some change.

A day or so after the robbery, Bob is shown walking his dog in a park. While walking the dog, a strange man named Eric Deeds comes up and says he’s got a really nice looking dog. A couple scenes later, this same man shows up at Bob’s house and says the dog is really his dog.


Next, while Bob and Marv are shoveling snow in front of the bar, the Chechens pull up. They come in a van, and in the back of the van, one of the robbers is being held, and his leg was impaled by a spike.

Bob later finds a plastic bag on the fence. Opening it up reveals a grim scene. He finds the money that was stolen and a severed arm, with a broken watch (one of the tidbits of info Bob gave to the detective). Bob returns this money to the Chechens, since it was really their money that was stolen since they own the bar.

This Eric Deeds guy also claims to have killed a man named Richie Whelan. Which is impossible because it was actually Bob who killed Richie Whelan. Wheelman was killed because he owed Marv a large sum of money. He hit in slots and came back to give Marv his money. In the mean time, Marv owed many other people money. So he had Whelan pay him back, and had Bob kill him. This way he looked stronger in other’s eyes and also was able to pay back the people he owed. Also, Deeds was in a psych ward at the same time Whelan was killed, making it impossible for him to have done that.

Back to the severed arm, Bob wraps it up like a piece of meat and sticks a wrench to it. He tosses this in the ocean. Shortly after tossing it in, the detective rolls up. The detective is an interesting character. I’m not sure what he really contributes to the story. The only important bit of info he supplies is that Deeds was in a psych ward when Whelan was murdered. But the Whelan murder was a small detail that could have been left out of the movie to begin with. He doesn’t solve any crime, he’s just an annoyance to everyone. Very odd character. Anyways, the detective says he has been going to the same church as Bob for awhile and has never seen him take communion. You cannot receive communion if you have committed a mortal sin, which includes murder. So, the detective is implying that he thinks Bob is a murderer.

Later on, Deeds appears before Bob once again. He says now he would like 10k for his dog. If Bob doesn’t give him the 10k, he will report the dog stolen to the police, and when he gets the dog back he will beat it up.


Then the Chechens come in and say Cousin Marv’s will be the drop bar for the super bowl. When the super bowl comes, Marv says he is sick, and this is suspicious to Bob because it is the biggest tip day of the year. A next scene shows Marv talking to Deeds and planning for Deeds to rob the bar on super bowl Sunday.


On the day of the super bowl, Deeds breaks into Nadia’s house and tells her she is coming with him to Cousin Marv’s for the game. When Deeds and Nadia walk in the bar, Bob is visibly startled. After the bar clears out, Bob tells Deeds the story of how he killed Richie Whelan, since Deeds has been walking around taking credit for the hit. Bob gives Deeds the 10k for the dog, then Deeds says he needs more money or else he’ll kill Nadia. Then Bob draws his gun and kills Deeds.

He tells Nadia he had to kill Deeds because he was going to hurt Rocco. Nadia promises to keep quiet that Bob killed Deeds. Then the Chechens come and get the drop money, and they help Bob clean up the murder scene. They say cousin Marv is retiring and that Bob is now all alone and can run the bar by himself. They make Bob say “You have to be alone forever”. Then Marv is shown getting shot and killed.


Overall, I give this movie 3/5 stars. If Gandolfini wasn’t in it, I would give it 2/5. I know it has been universally praised by critics, but there was too many things that did not make sense to me. The story is just too weak. I don’t understand what the story about the Richie Whelan murder really had to do with anything. And how did Marv already know Deeds.

Also, the detective did not have to be in the movie at all, he served no purpose whatsoever. What did the dog Rocco have to do with anything? Another question is, did Bob have a further relationship with Nadia? To me this was the story of a connected drop bar, along with some random side stories that had nothing to do with the main plot. Unanswered questions aside, definitely strong performances by Gandolfini and Hardy.